Maria Ress is honored to follow in the footsteps of her family in Greece. In 2014 she launched Kastel Jewelry, a collection of exquisite and timeless pieces named after Kastel Fortress in the Balkans.  It was continuous trips to the majestic fortress that ignited her vision to design jewelry that blended the beauty of old world elegance with modern day charm.

Born from her love of precious and semi-precious gemstones, the Kastel collection features unique stones from exotic places such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, India, and Greece.  Most pieces are one of a kind and made to be passed down from generation to generation.  Each necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings Maria designs is either inspired by a place she’s been or a person she knows. She fuses the old with the new and makes it chic.

Born in Thessaly, Greece, Maria grew up on Chicago’s north side.  Having spent most of her summers in Northern Greece, she was influenced and inspired by the rich history and diverse cultures and legacies of the area.  It was during these visits where Maria learned the business of jewelry from her family of silversmiths who were popular amongst the locals.  Fascinated by the origins and shapes of unique and rare stones, Maria was immediately captivated by the elegance and knew that one day, she would design her own collection of jewelry. 

After marrying her high school sweetheart and attending college, Maria became a mother to three beautiful children.  While enjoying all the aspects of motherhood, she never forgot her dream and it was during a 2012 visit to the Kastel Fortress that she decided it was time.

Maria is proud to share her timeless luxury pieces with the modern woman.