Just as each Kastel client has their own story, each piece in the Kastel Collection has a unique story to be told. Since 2008, designer and gemologist Maria Ress has created stunning, luxury pieces inspired by her worldwide travels in particular her birthplace in Thessaly, Greece. You will see the dreamy Mediterranean starscape in the Astral Necklaces, and the sliced bezel diamonds in the Olympia Collection are a homage to Alexander the Great’s mother.
One of the greatest rewards of her work is observing women instantly connect to a specific piece. Maria describes the attraction, “It’s like the piece is made just for them and they can actually feel its pull.” She finds that people gravitate toward a gemstone depending on a want or need in their current life. For example, labradorite, which is infused throughout the collection, is known to aide in self-discovery, and it is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. Maria loves playing with sliced diamonds, lapis lazuli, and monstoones to infuse color into the collection while appreciating the healing quality of each stone..



The Kastel Collection urges every modern women to channel her inner Greek goddess. Born out of love for precious and semi-precious gemstones, design- er and gemologist Maria Ress sources stunning stones from exotic locations all over the globe. Clients can expect intricate, timeless pieces fused with a contemporary edge which makes them appeal to both young women and a more seasoned audience. Maria intentionally designs her collection to be worn and celebrated today and treasured by future generations.

The collection is versatile. The beloved Infiniti Necklace, for example, seamlessly transitions from day to evening with the addition of one of our distinctive pendants. Delicate layers of gemstones and unique pave diamonds clasps make the Kastel Designs stand out.


Timelessness, Connectivity, Energetic Attraction, Exoticism